Earth on the Brink

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Earth on the Brink

My name is Sybella Loram. I was born in 1970 on a picturesque farm in England’s southwest countryside. Since the age of five, I have had profound experiences that set me apart: seeing spirits, hearing thoughts, foreseeing events – both tragic and uplifting – and being visited nightly by spectral presences (a phenomenon that continues to this day). It was later in life that I came to understand my gifts; I was a medium with the ability to communicate with spirits and otherworldly entities.

As a psychic medium, visions of our planet’s potential fates have been revealed to me –scenarios shaped by human indifference, avarice and a deceptive alien conquest disguised as benevolence. In 2015, my deceased father began to deliver messages, guiding me towards realising my true purpose: to author a book destined to shift global perspectives on a multitude of issues. Herein lies that very book.

This is not prophecy; rather, I consider myself one among many chosen to amplify the messages of Marshall Vian Summers, God’s appointed messenger. My hope is that you will read with an open heart, or at the very least, conduct your own diligent inquiry into the realities of climate change and extra-terrestrial interference.

Our planet is in the throes of profound upheaval, and my three years of meticulous research lay bare how these disturbances are driving anthropogenic climate change – a phenomenon all too real and pressing to dismiss. We are witnessing not just natural cycles, but a disruption amplified by corporate malfeasance and the pillaging of our ecosystems. This book not only uncovers lesser-known facts about environmental degradation but also emphasises the need for human unity in the face of such crises.

The ignorance and inaction that plague us will lead to a loss of sovereignty, not at the hands of our own governments, but due to alien forces. I implore you to shed apathy and embrace the truths laid out in these pages, backed by facts, figures and spiritual testimonies.

I unveil the duplicity of our leaders who mislead us about alien engagements and the ensuing corruption, with scenarios like the Russian invasion of Ukraine potentially heralding a third world war. The religious dimensions are also explored here; I argue that the discovery of alien life – civilisations far older than our sun – necessitates a re-evaluation of our religious beliefs.

These ancient societies do not share our concepts of divinity or liberty. They perceive us as homogenous, unremarkable and without the diverse spiritual figures like Christ, Buddha or Muhammad that we revere. Their objective is clear: to exploit Earth’s rich resources, misleading our leaders with promises of technology and power in exchange for dominion.

This book transcends a mere exposé on climate change; it carries a divine message for humanity. It warns of an imminent alien agenda intent on subjugating humanity, diluting our gene pool and plundering our resources. My work is an urgent call to recognise the celestial connection and respond to our creator’s will.