About the Author

Sybella Loram grew up in a village just outside Taunton, called Milverton. She was the youngest of three girls born to Michael Edward Loram and Wendy Loram, during a snowstorm in January 1970.

Growing up on a rural farm in Somerset, England she lived in a fifteenth-century farmhouse. Sybella learned about ghosts from a very early age. She had two young sisters that had died of typhoid in the 1930s as play mates for many years.

Sybella was sent to St Audries’ School for Girls at the tender age of ten and, after five years of boarding, left to attend the Somerset College of Arts and Technology. She gained her BSA Degree through Plymouth University and made her career in child protection social services and mental health NHS until she went self-employed helping others with spiritual matters through life coaching.

From a very early age Sybella realised she had the unique gift of being able to see spirits and would often discuss the ghosts she saw at the breakfast table or with her sister with whom she shared a room. As Sybella matured, her gifts grew with her; she could see visions, know things about her friends that even they did not know. Reading thoughts, sensing dishonesty and perceiving the paths that individuals might opt to navigate through life. It became increasingly clear that Sybella was not destined to be a social worker but a Psychic Medium, eventually mastering the art of Tarot reading, then later a trauma life coach. Her journey led her to authorship and a profound dedication to serving both God and humanity.