An extract from Earth on the Brink

Chapter Eight

The Seal of the Prophets has been broken again by God. All of God’s great messengers and their missions on Earth should be recognized without contention or competition between the religions of the world. For all the religions were initiated by the one God as building blocks at certain times in our evolution and each block with each religion was different, unique in its own teachings. Like the spokes of a wheel, each religion was based around a central axis of this one God, the same one Creator. They may all appear to be different, but they are not, for every one of us is moving along the same road, toward the same ancient home. To recognise this is to see the importance of unification.

As we enter this latest stage in history, a new juncture, the world’s ancient religions cannot prepare humanity to cope with this change. If we are to face an outside intrusion from those that would undermine our existence, we need to be aware they have no understanding of spiritual influence from religions of old or ancient text. Religion should never be used as a banner of war, for cruelty, or for control. Religion is there to build the human family, fuse unity, construct a foundation for all to unite, show compassion towards each other, to share, not to divide and rule, exploit and corrupt. As Heaven watches over the human family, it does not condone war in any form and most certainly not in God’s name. This is an affront to God. Through awareness, we will learn to coexist because the knowledge we hold within us cannot be in contention with that of others. With greater compassion we can lead humanity back to their primary relationship with God – the one God that belongs to us all. This is a great challenge for the human family; can we accept the truth, our own ideologies, our own conditioning and our own beliefs?

‘People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.’ [24]

—Nelson Mandela

Without this harmony and thirst for knowledge, we deprive humanity of world peace, a place where we can live without famine, hunger, war and hatred that goes back decades within generations of cultures.

This Revelation is being delivered by the messenger in his own time, during his lifetime, so it will be truly authentic. It will not be assembled by those who did not meet or know him in later years as before. This Revelation must speak to people of all faiths, traditions, nations and cultures, to a world that faces great decline as the world heats up and crops fail, whereby the world’s economy will be shaken to the core. We must prepare for the future; God has spoken but it is up to us to pay heed. The world’s diminishing resources and the displacement of people will happen because of extreme weather changes around the planet. This will be humanity’s greatest trial. Many are disappointed in God because of individual loss or personal failure. This has changed their notion and belief, perhaps even destroyed any remnant of whatever faith they had. But people need faith in something and most probably do believe in something. This could be their government, a social circle, the local community or local working man’s club, an institution, gym, culture, cult, family, guardian angel or some voluntary organisation. Be it themselves, their abilities, technology, nature or the local nutty leader, there will be faith somehow, somewhere. To be without any faith is to be barren, to be empty, to be living in a type of purgatory hell.

As in the book The Great Waves of Change [25] by Marshall Vian Summers, it will be a question of where one places one’s faith and who can be trusted? To have faith in the government now is to be blind to the truth, but in the future even the government will not be able to manipulate people as it does today. We will begin to see our leaders unable to provide for their people, even the wealthier nations. Even today, these people in power are not telling the truth regarding the Earth’s natural resources, the facts regarding climate change or the effect it is having on the planet. They need to be honest about what is really happening.

Sybella L Loram